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ECCE 2011 CONFERENCE PROGRAM -Tentative Agenda


Dr. John M. Miller - General Chair

Dr. Uday Deshpande - Co-General Chair

Prof. Iqbal Husain - Technical Program Chair

Prof. Z. Q. Zhu - Technical Program Chair

Ayman El Refaie - Technical Program Chair

Prof. Yan-Fei Liu - Technical Program Chair

Prof. Bingsen Wang - Finance Chair

Prof. Fabio Giuliicapponi - Tutorial Program Chair

Dr. Tomy Sebastian - Exhibition Chair

Prof. Raja Ayyanar - Publicity Chair

Dr. Anand. Sankaran - Publications Chair

Dr. Srini Devarajan - Local Committee Chair

Dr. K. Rajashekara - Plenary Chair

Prof. Helen Li - Student Activities Chair

Theodore P. Bohn - Government/Industry Program Chair

Prof. Annette Muetze - Awards Chair

Mr.Mengyang Zhang - Rap Session Chair

Tomasz Cholewo

Mr. Robert Bilic - Webmaster Chair