ECCE 2011 CONFERENCE PROGRAM -Tentative Agenda


About Phoenix for ECCE 2011

Rap Sessions

Rap Session#1: Mission Impossible? A 100% Renewable Energy Society

Two presentations by invited experts will briefly describe the latest initiatives and plans for Hawaii in the US and for Denmark in the EU. In “The US Story – Hawaii”, Professor A Kuh from the University of Hawaii will discuss Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative and Renewable Energy and Island Sustainability (REIS) program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In “The European Story – Denmark”, Dr. Carsten Hein Westergaard will discuss the current state of wind energy in Denmark, and what it takes to go beyond and even reach 100%.

  • Dr. Dan M. Ionel, the Chief Scientist with Vestas Technology Americas R&D conducting research in advanced wind turbine technology.


  • Professor Anthony Kuh, the Chair of the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Hawaii. He is also director of the Renewable Energy and Island Sustainability (REIS) center.
  • Dr. Carsten Hein Westergaard, Director of Global Technology at Vestas’ research office in Houston.

Rap Session#2: Vehicle Electrification Technologies, Today and Tomorrow

Electric drive vehicles use grid electricity to displace the usage of gasoline and reduce total emissions in personal and commercial transportation systems. It is clear that, with strong support from government and industry around the world, the paradigm shift is inevitable. Power electronics and electric machines are the enabling technology propelling this paradigm shift. Manufacturers and suppliers are racing to develop and perfect new technologies which will not only affect consumers, but will also affect society as a whole, having economic, governmental and also environmental impacts. This rap session is to look at the emerging technologies in the field that may have profound impact on the electrification of the automobile.


  • Dr. Chris Mi, Associate Professor at University of Michigan – Dearborn


  • Chris Mi, Prof. at the University of Michigan – Dearborn
  • Jim Spangler, Senior Researcher at Argonne National Laboratory
  • Burak Ozpineci, Group Leader at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Chun-Taek Rim, Prof. at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

 Rap Session#3: Plug-in Electric Vehicles and the Electric Power Grid: Colliding Industries

With the predicted rise of Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the first time in the history, automotive manufacturers and electric power companies are working together to identify conflicts, challenges, and benefits.  Collaborative fleet studies are being carried out around the country.  Automotive companies are investigating fuel economy, battery life, and warranty related issues; and electric power companies are looking at impact to existing infrastructure and possible usages of PHEVs to alleviate problems such as mismatch between demand and supply.  Meanwhile, to make things more complex, large fleet owners are expecting to maximize the return of their investments by providing ancillary functions such as frequency regulation.  For all the party involved, expectations and doubts co-exist.  Thus, with three presentations by experts from industry, national lab, and academia, this rap session will focus on the interactions between Plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric power grids.  Load impact, vehicle to grid, communication, ancillary functions, ownership, charging facilities, policy and standards will be discussed.


  • Dr. Jin Wang, Prof. at the Ohio State University


  • Dr. Jin Wang, Prof. at the Ohio State University
  • Mr. Haukur Asgeirsson, Manager at DTE Energy
  • Mr. Ted Bohn, Senior Researcher at Argonne National Laboratory

Rap session 3: "Future Personal Vehicles, 2020 and beyond" (tentative),